Thick SS304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Filter 10"42"

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RM 1,399.00

Recommendation to Landed Houses, Office, Condominium, Shop lot, Restaurant, Hotel, School, Mosque, Laboratory, Hospital, Commercial & Industries. Whole House Backwash Water System   
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  • New in market
  • Hygienic
  • Compact Design
  • High quality SS304 stainless steel casing to ensure that it can stand on high pressure and to prevent leaking from the tank
  • Using latest 4-Stage filtration technology from USA
  • Well Filtering and Backwash System
  • It Can filter up to 5 micron.The micron size is effective to filter sands, mud,hair,pollen ,dusts,particles,insects and eggs
  • Light & Easy Operation

The Master Water Filtration is using the latest 4-stage technology from USA as below

1st Stage Microlite Volcanic Silica Sand

Microlite Volcanic Silica is produced at high temperature from the surface of active volcano. Under compressed high density, it structured have refined to filter up to 5 micron size of water.

The Master Water Filtration System uses the highest quality Microlite Volcanic Silica from USA to provide a clean and quality water to every home.

2nd Stage Nano Silica Sand

Nano Silica Sand which are found near the sea provides a natural way to trap very fine sediment. Its small diameter size provides an excellent filtration for sediments, sands, eggs, insects, dusts and hairs.

3rd Stage Sea Silica Sand

Sea Silica Sand are effective to filter mud and other larger sediments found in unfiltered water.

4th Stage Nano Anti-Bacteria Carbon

The breakthrough Nano Anti-Bacteria Carbon suppress bacteria growth in the water. It also reduces trace of heavy metals, radiation material and agriculture chemicals.

Available Date : 26/12/2016