RO-500GPD-588ST Taiwan 500GPD RO Water System

RM 5,900.00
RM 4,380.00

A high capacity, low cost system. Perfect for offices or small factory. Designed for commercial and residential application. It is suitable for manufacturing, restaurants, food processing industries, shopping centers, schools and hotels. 

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Warranty : 1 Years

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  • Water Production capacity available with 150 GPD, 200 GPD, 400GPD, 500 GPD. US Filmtec, GE CSM or Taiwan (US DOW Filmtec origin film) membrane available
  • High Flow Booster Pump of regular flow, or high flow output power (of compact design) available
  • Stand shelf frame
  • Top rated brand of Taiwan-Made, high performance reverse osmosis drinking water systems
  • 5-Stage advanced water filtration system provides refreshing crisp taste superior to bottled water
  • 500 GPD system removes up to 99% of chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria & more
  • Built in with Taiwan high quality filters and parts to produce unlimited clean, great tasting water
  • Engineered for long-lasting dependable operation backed by manufacturer warranty & support

1st Stage
5 Micron Sediment Filter 2.5" x 20"  - Removes remove larger particles & suspended matter such as silt, rust, sand, algae, sediment,

scale particles, dirt and cloudiness from water.
Replacement each 6- 8 months 

2nd Stage

Pre-Carbon filtration removes Chlorine, Pesticides, Herbicides, bad taste & odor

GAC T33 Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 2.5" x 20" Gives your water sweet taste.

Replacement each 6 - 8 months or lasts 20,000 gallons

3rd Stage
CTO Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 2.5" x 20" , Removes Chlorine taste,  bad taste & odor.
Replacement each 6 - 8 months or lasts 20,000 gallons 

2 Filmtec RO Membranes - 300 GPD + 200 GPD.
Removes particles down to 1/10,000 of a micron ( which is 98% of impurities including organic and inorganic, chemicals).
Replacement each 2 years 

5th Stage
Inline Carbon - Polishing GAC Post filter for a sweeter taste for the water and removes any taste or odor the water may have 
picked up while sitting in the tank.
Approx Replacement each 2500 Gallon 


Reverse Osmosis 500GPD

5 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

5 Stages Light Commercial RO System




500 Gallon per day

system includes

Booster Pump with transformer

Auto membrane flush system

Auto shut off system

Origin country



18"L x 10"D x 30"H RO Unit

Total Weight

Approx 70 lbs

Operation Temperature

40F to 104F / Maximum temperature 40C

Operating Pressure

10 PSI to 75 PSI