QY-Red Ultra Energy Drinking Water Filter System

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Quality water for your every kitchen need. Drinking, Rinsing, Cooking. Water Purifiers & Filters

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  • Pure and safe exceeding the guidelines for drinking water quality stipulated by the World Health Organisation! Suitable for direct consumption without boiling
  • Contains essential minerals, with a smoother and more pleasant taste
  • Easily absorbed by our body to enhance metabolism
  • Removes accumulated toxins and improves health
  • Effectively eliminates chlorine and its health-threatening by-products in tap water, thus reducing cancer risk
  • Ultra Energy Drinking Water System - with Korea Filters Inside!

  • Filter A : The world's best impregnated ceramic filter, which has been awarded NSF Certification, thoroughly removes bacteria and impurities like dirt, silt and rust.
  • Filter B : Effectively remove dust and rust, remains of which particles relatively big. Prevent various impurities from entering other filters in order to increase the filter performance and lifespan.
  • Filter C :The Pre-Carbon filter uses granular activated carbon to purify the water by absorbing organic substances such as chlorine, heavy metal and odor.
  • Filter D : Nano Silver GAC is a 100% pure coconut base carbon coated with SilverSol-200 for better anti-bacterial function and high absorption function. This filter absorb ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odor, harmful chemical materials and chloroform.
  • Filter E : The Post-Carbon filter get rid of chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THM), herbicides, color, odor, bleaching agents and other organic chemicals.

Available Date : 5/12/2016