ION 7000 Korea 5 Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer

RM 4,500.00
RM 3,680.00

Brand: Korea

The Kyk water ionizer with its 5 electrolytic plates is durable and offers a great range of alkaline and acidic ionized water: alkaline pH 8.5-10, and acidic pH 5.5-4

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Warranty : 1 Years

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Water flows into the electrolyzer inside the ion water system and DC voltage is applied to the water to move caption such as calcium ion, magnesium ion, and sodium ion to the cathode and move anion such as chloride ion, carbon ion, and acetate ion to the anoide. When voltage hung on both nodes becomes large enough, water contacting the surface of each nodes becomes large enough, water contacting the surface of each node become electrolyzed to create alkaline and acidic water.

Meaning, alkaline ion water with high pH value is created on the cathode because hydroxyl ion (OH), cation, and dissolved hydrogen (H) are high and (sub) acidic water with low pH value is created on the anode because hydrogen ion (H), DMA ion, and dissolved oxygen (O) are higher.

1. High Density FELT film

  • Filter film with good filtration against rust, sediment, and debris
  • High functionality filter selected by filter device requiring micro precision

2. Carbon Block Filter

  • Removes micro pollutants such as rust, dirt, sand and dust in water and absorbs/removes organic chemical materials such as chloric acid ingredient, trihalomethane, phenol and etc.
  • Uses high performance powder carbon (PAC Carbon) to maximize filter capability

3. Carbon Particle

  • Remove rust, sediment, debris, floating matter

4. Sediment Filter

  • Remove rust, sediment, floating matter (particle greater than 3 micron)

5. Non-Woven Filter

  • Remove rust, sediment, debris, floating matter

6. Anti-bacterial ceramic

  • - Sterilization of harmful E.coli and general bacteria, removes / absorbs impurity and harmful heavy metal (Zeolite: porous material)

7. Ceramic (Quartz)

  • High far infrared ray emission

8. Anion Ceramic

  • Adds refreshing water taste through mass discharge of anions (>800cc).

9. Calcium (Chlorine removal)

  • Removal of residual chlorine and supplies mineral (calcium)

10. High Density Felt Film

  • Remove rust, sediment, debris, floating matter

Product Feature

  • The subdivided into automatic adjustment eight levels of pH
  • Automatic Washing and drainage function
  • Convenient guiding voice in the exchange time and usage and filter exchange method
  • Good Grade Of Platinum & Titanium Plates
  • Minimize The State By Electricity Consumption
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • LCD Color Display
  • Voice Guidance
  • Easy & Convenience
  • Intensive Electrolyzer
  • 7 type of various of water qualities
  • Volume Generated: 2 ~ 3 ℓ/min (0.53 ~ 0.79 gallon/min)
  • Cleaning Method: Automatic Cleaning System
  • Built-in Compound FIlter





 Product Type

 Alkaline water lonizer





 Manufacturing Country

 Republic of Korea

 7 Healthy Water Options

 4 Ionized Alkaline; 1 Non-Ionized Purified; 2  Ionized Acidic

 5 Platinum Coated  Titanium Plates

 Long-Life, Durable, Energy-Efficient

 10 Stage Filtration

 Active Carbon Fibers and Composite Ceramics.  Up to 900 gallons


 Voice Announcement & Color Display; Electronic  Anti-Bacterial System


Alkaline ion water

Acidic ion water

Tap water

Gathered ion


Anion (-)


Mineral ingredient

Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium ion

Chloride, Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid ion






Oxidation reduction possibility (ORP)




Water molecule size (O-NMR)






Patented multi-layer filter structure

Available Date : 5/12/2016