FY2105 Taiwan Hot & Cold Direct Piping Floor Stand Water Dispenser

RM 1,980.00
RM 1,580.00

Brand: Taiwan

Made In Taiwan - better quality & Durable compare with mostly Chn product

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser with pipe in quality Korea filterRecommendation to house, office, factory, cafe, restaurant.

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Feature Of FY2105 Hot & Cold Direct Piping Floor Stand Water Dispenser
  • 100% brand new
  • New design & push button
  • High Efficiency Compressor  for Fast Cooling
  • Corrosion Free Stainless Steel Tank
  • Automatic refill of High quality purified
  • Safety Lock Level For Hot Water Tap
  • High Efficient Heating Element
  • Overheat Prevention
  • Contamination Resistance
  • Large Reservoir
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Easy Installation, Direct Piping System

Hot And Cold Water Dispenser With 4 Stage Filter - Floor Standing
  • The FY2105 Hot & Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser comes with a built in 4 stage Advanced filter system connected direct to water source.Unlike conventional office water dispensers, the dispensers makes water better than bottled quality water and saves the hassle of replacing and wasting storage space of expensive 5 Gallons water bottles, which may be tampered with.It is suitable for homes, offices, showrooms, institutions, hotels and more…

High Efficiency Compressor  for Fast Cooling

  • The FY2105 Hot & Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser has a high capacity compressor for fast cooling of purified water.It supplies cold water for making cold beverages, iced tea, etc.

Equally Suitable For Water From All Sources Such As Overhead Tanks Or Tap Water.

  • The FY2105 Hot & Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser incorporates an advanced WQA & NSF certified 4 stage filtration system thus giving users the purest water. 

Fully Automatic Operation With Auto Start And Auto Off.

  • Fully automatic operation allows trouble free operation without the need of manual intervention.

Built In SMPS That Supports Wide Range Of Input Voltage (200-240V AC) For Handling Voltage Fluctuations.

  • The FY2105 Hot & Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser incorporates a built-in rugged SMPS (Switching Mode power supply) instead of a standard power adaptor this enables the Dispenser to stay resilient towards frequent power fluctuations.

Corrosion Free Stainless Steel Tank

  • With full stainless steel tank, The dispensers are totally corrosion free and has a long durable life.


FY2105 Floor Stand



Voltage (v)


Frequency (HZ)


Water Temperature

Hot (°C)

Cold (°C)



Water Tank

Hot (L)

Cold (L)



Power Consumption

Hot (W)

Cold (W)





300 x 395 x 1110

4 type high quality Korea Filter

Step 1 - Korea Sediment Filter

  • Sediment filter 5 micron hole diameter can efficiently filter out any matter with the diameter lager than its hole diameter including bacteria, silt, suspension in water, cystobacter, pathogen, and virus.

Step 2 - Korea Post Carbon Filter

  • It provides anti-bacteria effect and enchanted reduction of taste, odor, colour, insecticide, synthetic detergents and etc.

Step 3 - Korea Pre-Carbon Filter

  • This is an identification according wyth international safety standard, it can slight trace of heavy Metal, Radiation Material, Chemical and reduces from agriculture then water molecules would be soften. This type resin are standard with high capacity for softening and demineralization where the strong functionally is impacted through a process of sulfonation.

Step 4 - Korea CTO Carbon Block Filter

  • Self sterillized function able to reduce the residue of chlorine, improve taste, odor and colour, removes insecticide, synthetic detergnets and dissolved organic contamination.

Available Date : 28/7/2017