FP3 Italy Standard Single Water Filter

RM 178.00
RM 148.00

Brand: Italy

This water filter is perfect for Homes, Apartments, Farms, Cottages, RVS, Pre Reverse Osmosis Filtration, Wells, Restaurants, Swimming Pools, Spas & Aquariums. Suitable for Municipal and Well Water Applications. 

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This water filter Reduces / Removes smallest particles up to 10 micron such suspended solids and pathogenic bacteria & many others Sediment, dirt, sand, silt, scale, rust particles, etc..

  • Made in Italy
  • Head: PP with Brass Inserts
  • Sump: Transparent SAN-PP White
  • O.Ring: NBR 70 Sh
  • Capacity: 3/4"F 108,50 It/min
  • In/Outlet (C): 3/4"F
  • Single Stage Sediment PP Water Purifier
  • Food grade polypropylene
  • Fit for all standard cartridge
  • This unit accept standard filter 2.5" x 10"

Suggestion  Installations

  • Cold Water Line.
  • Drinking Water Line.
  • After Pressure tank (Private Well)
  • After Water Meter (Municipal)

Available Date : 23/11/2016