BTM-400N Korea 5 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer

RM 4,999.00
RM 2,680.00

Brand: Korea

The Btm water ionizer with its 5 electrolytic plates is durable and offers a great range of alkaline and acidic ionized water: alkaline pH 8.5-10, and acidic pH 5.5-4

Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 140 Millimeter x 320 Millimeter x 340 Millimeter
Ship In : 3-7 working days
Warranty : 1 Years

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  • Alkaline Water ionizer BTM-400N 5 Plates by BionTech of Korea.
  • Double Filtering Ionizer, very economical water ionizer that offers complete
  • filtration and ionization system, able to produce the best ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) system
  • Automatic Adjustment to Optimum pH
  • Installation of main Body Sing-Type ON/OFF Ceramic Valve
  • Artifical Intelligence Sensor System
  • Water Supply Adjustment Valve
  • More than -500mV of Maximum Reduction Power
  • Subdivision of pH Steps Into 8 Steps
  • Advanced Silver-Nano Special Filter
  • Filter Usage & Replacement Period Display
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning & Self-Drainage Functions
  • One-Touch Selection Method



BTM-400N (5-Plates)



Direct Link to Tap Water

No. of Electrodes

5 Platinum coated Titanium plates


Automatic adjustment for optimum pH

Artificial Intelligence Sensor System

Protection Devices

2 Built-in Temp. Sensors (Auto Reset)


More than - 500mV of Maximum Reduction Power

Generating Capacity

1.5l/min at 2.0 kgf/cm2 (Alkaline & Acidic Water)

Rated Power

AC220v 50~60Hz

Water Pressure

0.7 ~ 6.0 kgf/cm2


L: 140mm  x  W: 320mm  x  H: 340mm


About 6.5 kg

Electrolytic Cleaning

Auto Washing (Time About 30 sec., Amount Of Supplied Water About 0.8ℓ)


Double Filtering System

Filter Media

Nonwoven, P.P. Filter, GAC, Silver-Added

Active Carbon, Calcium Sulfite, Block Carbon

UF Membrane Filter (Optional)

Toxins are the number one cause of aging. They are often a result of poor diet, pollution and stress. Toxins can build up in our body causing cell damage that leads to premature aging. The best way to fight toxins and detoxify of human body is with antioxidants. Improve health, supercharge immune system and fight the aging process as easy as drinking alkaline water.
In general. drinking Alkaline Ionized Water on a regular basis will help reduces the acidic nature of urine and subsequently dissolve the Kidney Stone.

"A life of health and happiness for everyone.
Drink alkaline water and enjoy a healthy life!
Alkaline antioxidant water , vital for good health."

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Available Date : 17/11/2016