3-WF-5/AKL/GOLD Alkaline Water Filter System

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RM 599.00

Brand: Taiwan
Quality water for your every kitchen need. Drinking, Rinsing, Cooking. Water Purifiers & Filters  
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Warranty : 1 Years

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Total Amount: RM 

  •  New Design New Manufactured New Item
  •  Fully Imported from TAIWAN
  •  Aluminium Plated Gold Color Front Panel
  •  Stainless Steel Clean Water Faucet
  •  Filters Maintenance only every 2 years (Maximum)
  •  Dimension ( WxDxH ) : 12 x 12 x 4 Inch
  •  No Electricity
  • Direct Water Pipe In
  •  True ABS Body
  •  Alkaline PH 9. 0+
  •  Net Weight: 5 kg
  • Gross Weight: 8 kg
  •  1 Year Warranty 

Why drink Alkaline Water?

Improve your health, supercharge your immune system and fight the aging process with antioxidant-rich alkaline water. Toxins are the number one cause of aging. They are often a result of poor diet, pollution and stress. Toxins can build up in your body causing cell damage that leads to premature aging. The best way to fight toxins and detoxify your body is with antioxidants. And its as easy as drinking antioxidant-rich alkaline water.

Filter 1 - Remington Ceramic Filter Washable

  • to remove sediment 

Filter 2 - Kemflo Sediment Filter

  •  To remove infusible particles such as dust, rust& mud from feed water

Filter 3 - Kemflo Pre Carbon Filter

  • to remove residual chlorine, pigment , odor & coloring that harmful to human body

Filter 4 - Kemflo Activated Carbon Filter

  • to remove residual chlorine, pigments, odor and coloring that harmful to human body

Filter 5 - Kemflo Silver Activated Carbon Filter

  • to enhance the taste of water

Filter 6 - Kemflo Alkaline Filter

  • to convert the pH of the water from neutral to alkaline

Available Date : 1/12/2016