WS-3308 O2 Bio-Synergy Water Filtration System

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Quality water for your every kitchen need. Drinking, Rinsing, Cooking. Water Purifiers & Filters

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  • No electricity operation needed
  • Safe for immediate drink. No more boiling
  • Removes harmful bacteria, organic sediments and heavy metals by its 6 steps filtration process
  • Remove chlorine, organic chemicals and remaining residue from water
  • Small water molecular structure allow body easier to absorb
  • Contains essential minerals
  • Natural energy and high oxygen contents

Filter Included

i) Ceramic Filter

  • effectively filter harmful bacteria, dirt, rust & others pollutant
ii) Post Carbon Filter
  • to absorb taste & odor 
iii) Carbon Block Filter
  • reduction of certain organic chemicals
iv) Bio Energy Plus Energized & Magnetic Filter
  • energizes & softens water, making it highly soluble 
  • anti bacteria
v) Mineral Stone & Activate Carbon Filter
  • filtering of heavy metal, clear off offensive smell, balancing the pH, increase oxygen supply, restoration of water quality & taste
vi) Sediment Filter
  • filter out smaller impurities to prevent obstruction, provide protection 

Option : With Faucet +RM80

Available Date : 1/12/2016