Industrial Centralized Stainless Steel Multimedia Water Filter System

RM 48,000.00
RM 36,000.00

Industrial & Commercial Stainless Steel Multimedia Water Filtration System caters for clean water supply for the residential, commercial sectors, manufacturing sectors and other high rise buildings. The centralized water ­filtration systems comply to the industry standard for operating performance, backwashing efficiency and the maximum use of fi­lter media ­filtration surface area.

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  • Easy to use & operate
  • Multi layers of Filter Media
  • Low Maintenance Process & Cost
  •  Efficient & Durable
  • Effective Odor Taste & Color Removal
  • Manual or Auto Operated System
  • Stainless Steel Body SUS304 Food Grade Housing c/w internal Food Grade Epoxy Primer Costing Lining to enhanced anti-corrosion performane
  • Filtration Media with enhanced 3 micron filtration
  • Turbidity Level =<1 NTU (if JBA incoming =< 10NTU)
  • Filtration efficiency @ maximum of 90% from the incoming turbidity level.
  • Size: 50cm (dia) x 222cm (h)
  • Pipe: 2” SUS304 Pipe & Fittings
  • Valve: Cast Iron with SUS Disc
  • Flow Rate: 9~13 m3/hr
  • Manual Backwash
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADE (Automatic Backwash System)

Filter Media

Available Date : 29/5/2017