HC 9000 Japan 5 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer

RM 5,800.00
RM 3,280.00

Brand: Japan

The Japan alkaline water ionizer with its 5 electrolytic plates is durable and offers a great range of alkaline and acidic ionized water: alkaline pH 8.0-10.5, and acidic pH 3.5

Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 110 Millimeter x 240 Millimeter x 295 Millimeter
Ship In : 3-7 working days
Warranty : 1 Years

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Exclusive License

advanced electroplate technology

levels of water pH values

9 level

pH value range

pH3.5 to pH10.5

ORP value range

+600mV to -500mV


3 inches  LCD color display


automatic electrolysis chamber cleansing after every use

5 advanced electroplate technology

calcination processing with platinum coated titanium, produces an important amount of activated hydrogen, which is an essential component that eliminates free radicals

9 level

9 levels of water pH values provide all kinds of daily needs, including 4 ionized alkaline, 1 non-ionized purified, and 4 ionized acidic

Faucet cleaning system

the acid water cleanses the pipe before use, which ensures purified water for everyday consumption



240mm(L) x 110mm (W) x 295mm (H)


5.5 kg


AC 110V 50/60 HZ 2.5A (MAX)

Power consumption


Water in-tank pressure

0.5~0.6 kg/cm2

Flow rate

7L/ min (MAX)


5 calcination processing with platinum coated titanium plates

Electrolysis Tank Cleansing:

30 seconds auto-cleaning function system


micro filtration system with 4 NSF proved components and stages

Water Purification Capacity

12000L /3200 gal (capacity may be lower depending on the water quality and usage of the area)

Cartridge replacement period

12000L (3200 gal) around 8 to 12 months, alarm notification

Protection Circuits

anti-overheating device


3 inches color LCD back light display

Available Date : 17/11/2016