11" Magic RO Membrane Filter

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Brand: Korea

Korea 11" Magic RO Membrane FilterBeing used for Floor stand type of RO water dispensers, like RO Magic Tongyang water dispenser, Coway RO water dispenser and some RO water filtration system.

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Magic RO Membrane 11" Filter(Korea)

  • Act as third Filter for Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System
  • Through its 0.0001-micron pores, RO membrane filter is capable of removing water contaminants such as heavy metals, water-borne microorganisms and other harmful organic chemicals.
  • Being used for Floor Standing Type of Water Dispensers
  • "U" type. Compatible with all conventional water purifier and Reverse Osmosis(RO) system

This system utilizes high pressure & a semipermeable membrane which only allow pure water molecules actually purifying the water at the molecular level. Bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine and disposed of in a wate stream. The membrane remains clean because the contaminants are washed down the drain. Only fresh, pure water results.

Magic Ro membrane 11" filter suitable use at water system below :

Available Date : 26/12/2016